Classes are held in Tap/Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Pointe, Acrobatics, Hip-Hop, Ballroom, and Adult Tap/Jazz. Classes are one hour in length, except Pointe, which is a half hour. Registration for classes can be done by calling the dance centre or by coming to the dance centre during operation hours. A one time only registration fee is charged to each student who enrolls for classes.


Tap - A dance in which rhythm is sounded out by the feet. Students learn the basic tap sounds and associated steps at the pre-school level. More advanced and intricate footwork is developed at the beginner through advanced levels.


Ballet - A form of dance ranging from classical in form to contemporary whereby movement is bases on form, and traditional technique. Terminology and basic steps are taught to the pre-school level in a fun and encouraging environment. Advanced development continues as a student’s individual abilities are achieved.


Pointe - A form of ballet whereby the dancer dances in special shoes allowing the dance to be on their toes. Point is taken as part of a ballet class. A student must first have the developed muscle strength in their legs, feet and ankles, and upper body to support themselves on their toes before they are allowed in toe shoes.


Jazz - A dance that uses rhythm and techniques to perform various moves for characterization of the music. These classes are taught from pre-school through advanced levels.


Hip-Hop - A popular dance form associated with urban youth cultures. This is taught to beginner to advanced levels.


Lyrical - A type of dance that utilizes techniques from several forms of dance to perform body movements that express the lyrics and mood of a musical piece. This is taught from beginner to advanced levels.


Acrobatics - The use of balance, strength, and flexibility to perform tricks associated with tumbling or floor exercises in gymnastics. Early level students develop strength and balance with basic tricks. Development continues through to the advanced levels where more complex feats of strength and agility are taught.


Ballroom - A variety of social dances performed by couples such as the foxtrot, waltz, cha-cha, rumba, and jive.

Musical Theatre - A form of theatre combining music, songs, spoken dialogue and dance.

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