2020-2021 ZDC Calendar


ZDC Calendar

These are the scheduled dates that ZDC will be closed during the year.

    • October 12th Mon. Columbus Day
    • October 31st Sat. Halloween
    • November 25th  – 28th Wed.– Sat. Thanksgiving Recess
    • December 19th – January 2nd  Mon.- Sat. Holiday Recess
    • January 18th Mon. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    • February 15th Mon. President’s Day
    • April 2nd – April 10th Fri.–Sat. Spring Recess
    • May 28th  – 31st Fri. – Mon. Memorial Day Recess

     (ZDC parades in town on May 31st be sure to join us.)

Recital 2021

 Our recital this year will be held on June 25th, & June 26th, with rehearsals during that week.  Please leave this week open.

** Please refer to our website and or Facebook on a weekly/monthly basis to check out any reminders or up coming events for the month.

ZDC does not take off for school in-service days nor do we close on the half days that the schools may have.

Please refer to our home page for any closings due to in-climate weather or emergencies.  We DO NOT follow the school closings.

Absentee Policy (STRICTLY ENFORCED) No absentee policy through December 2020: All students are allowed up to 4 absentees per class, any missed after 4 must be paid for. Make-up classes will be arranged for you if this occurs, but NO classes can be made up in May and June due to recital preperation . Please pay attention to your absentees.


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